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Internet Explorer 9 or earlier. Go to the home page to see the latest top stories. Dozens of states around the country have vaguely written statutes in place trump letter to new york times pdf could be letting police officers get away with sexual assault. The island’s power and water utilities require wholesale rebuilding to achieve resilience against the next big storm.

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There are problems in the background check system that need fixing. But even then, there are better ways to prevent mass shootings. But why didn’t he offer something legit? Israel and Iran avoided a huge confrontation on Saturday. Next time we might not be so lucky.

The president may have learned from Nixon and his Saturday Night Massacre that purges are best done slowly. Automatic enrollment into insurance plans is a good way to replace it. Is Devin Nunes Obstructing Justice? Lingering questions about his memo hang over how he runs the House Intelligence Committee.

EISEN, CAROLINE FREDRICKSON and LAURENCE H. The problem isn’t that poor children don’t have access to computers. It’s that they spend too much time in front of them. It’s part of pattern: Trumpism for thee and not for me. Trump is a means to a conservative end. The president keeps protecting his supporters from his own policies.

Things have gotten a lot better since 2013. President Trump has won billions of dollars for a program riddled with flaws and far from proven. The state could adopt several common-sense reforms to reduce the number of people in prison, often for minor rule violations. A power struggle in the tiny nation could pull India and China into conflict.