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This interpretative case study examined the beliefs and practices of eight preservice elementary teachers as they learned to teach race in social studies. Using...

This interpretative case study examined the beliefs and practices of eight preservice elementary teachers as they learned to teach race in social studies. Using critical race theory as the lens, teaching reading in social studies pdf researcher analyzed interview, observation, classroom artifact, and teacher preparation course data. In practice, the teachers used three approaches to race-related topics in their classroom: avoiding, diminishing, and embracing. Furthermore, the teachers expressed the importance of courses on urban education, social studies methods, and student teaching in preparing them to teach about race.

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This study highlights the need for increased attention to teaching about race in teacher preparation programs. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. 2016 Published by Elsevier Inc. What are Corrected Proof articles? 68 55 55 55 14.

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