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A review of current emission factors was conducted to cover the last 10 years. A rating system was developed and EFs were rated for...

A review of current emission factors was conducted to cover the last 10 years. A rating system was developed and EFs were rated for the level of confidence in data. Average emission factors were calculated and rated for summary view of the rights of british america pdf poultry sector. Efforts to quantify emissions of ammonia to the atmosphere from poultry housing in North America have been underway for the past two decades.

In order to accurately estimate emissions from facilities in each poultry sector, emission factors used to derive the average must be of sufficiently high quality. However, it has become evident that current methods are inadequate and emission factors do not accurately reflect North American poultry production. Using an initial screening, based on measurement methods for ammonia and ventilation rates as well as study duration, a collection of studies have been identified that report the highest quality emission factors currently available. Each study was rated for data quality and then an average emission factor was developed for each sector of poultry production and rated based its ability to represent that sector.

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