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Rouen ducks are frequently used for meat. The Mallard color pattern is referred to as gray. The female Rouen hens are a consistent shade...

Rouen ducks are frequently used for meat. The Mallard color pattern is referred to as gray. The female Rouen hens are a consistent shade of mahogany brown, with a brown crown and tan eye-stripes extending storey’s guide to raising ducks free pdf bill to the back of the eyes. Another feature of the female color pattern is the distinct, detailed penciling found on feathers of the head, neck, body, body, most of the wing and tail.

Rouen hens can be much darker brown than Mallard hens. However, Rouen speculum feathers are brighter in color and larger in size than that of the Mallard. Adult Rouen ducks are typically significantly larger than Mallard ducks. The Rouen duckling is identical to the Mallard duckling in terms of plumage coloring.

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Mallard but has a typical duck conformation, and the much larger and squarer standard-bred variety. Rouen ducklings can be distinguished from wild mallard ducklings by the presence of a second stripe which runs across their face, just under their eye, whereas mallard ducklings have only one stripe which runs across their eye. 19th century that it was refined into the breed recognized as the Rouen today. The French version resembled a larger than average Mallard, but by selective breeding the British developed the exhibition-type Rouen. The final product was a bird with a deep, long keel, boat-shaped profile, enormous appearance and refined markings, especially the penciling on the female.

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