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There are various types that economic planning procedures and forms planning can take. The level of centralization in decision-making in planning depends on planning...

There are various types that economic planning procedures and forms planning can take. The level of centralization in decision-making in planning depends on planning local economic development pdf specific type of planning mechanism employed. In a centrally planned economy the allocation of resources is determined by a comprehensive plan of production which specifies output requirements.

Different forms of economic planning have been featured in various models of socialism. These range from decentralized-planning systems, which are based on collective decision-making and disaggregated information, to centralized systems of planning conducted by technical experts who use aggregated information to formulate plans of production. In a fully developed socialist economy, engineers and technical specialists, overseen or appointed in a democratic manner, would coordinate the economy in terms of physical units without any need or use for financial-based calculation. The economy of the Soviet Union never reached this stage of development, so planned its economy in financial terms throughout the duration of its existence. In some models of socialism, economic planning completely substitutes the market mechanism, supposedly rendering monetary relations and the price system obsolete. In other models, planning is utilized as a complement to markets.

This idea of “production for use” is a fundamental aspect of a socialist economy. Economic analysts have argued that the economy of the former Soviet Union actually represented an administered or command economy as opposed to a planned economy because planning did not play an operational role in the allocation of resources among productive units in the economy, since in actuality the main allocation mechanism was a system of command-and-control. As a result, the phrase administrative command economy gained currency as a more accurate descriptor of Soviet-type economies. Decentralized economic planning is a planning process that starts at the user-level in a bottom-up flow of information.

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