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This human body in motion worksheet pdf is about the bones in the human ear. The term “ossicle” literally means “tiny bone”. Anatomy of...

This human body in motion worksheet pdf is about the bones in the human ear. The term “ossicle” literally means “tiny bone”. Anatomy of the three ossicles. It is the smallest bone in the body.

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As the embryo develops, the cartilage hardens to form bone. Later in development, the bone structure breaks loose from the jaw and migrates to the inner ear area. For this reason, researchers believe that mammals and reptiles share a common ancestry. 30 of the sound energy moving through the air would be transferred into the liquid. This is observed from the abrupt cessation of sound that occurs when the head is submerged underwater. This is because the relative incompressibility of a liquid presents resistance to the force of the sound waves traveling through the air. The increased pressure will compress the fluid found in the cochlea and transmit the stimulus.

Occasionally the joints between the ossicles become rigid. Vesalius was the first to compare the second element of the ossicles to an anvil although he offered the molar as an alternative comparison for its shape. Modern Latin word for “stirrup,” for which there was no classical Latin word, as the ancients did not use stirrups. The Journey From Jaw to Ear. The discovery of the auditory ossicles”. American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia, 1975. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1964.