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How to overcome stage fear pdf Fright 1997 Movie Title Card. Tess Daulton is also an uncredited co-writer. Arnold Hugh, a silent film actor,...

How to overcome stage fear pdf Fright 1997 Movie Title Card. Tess Daulton is also an uncredited co-writer. Arnold Hugh, a silent film actor, and Tiny’s co-worker Daphne, as they attempt to adjust to the coming age of film. Daphne is voiced by Tess Daulton.

Best Short Animated Film in 1998. Tiny, a dog trainer, hides with his dogs in a wicker basket on the stage of an abandoned vaudeville theater. He emerges to have them practice a trick, attacking a tattered straw boater hat on command. When a second man, Arnold Hugh, emerges menacingly onto the stage, Tiny fearfully backs away from him and falls into the orchestra pit, getting his clothes snagged on a broken plank. Years earlier, Tiny had found one of his dogs missing while performing his trained-dog act in the theater. Even though he fears that the crowd no longer likes the act, his friend Daphne encourages him to go on with the show.

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