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Tanith Lee was born on 19 September 1947 in London, to professional dancers Bernard and Hylda Lee. According to Lee, although her childhood was...

Tanith Lee was born on 19 September 1947 in London, to professional dancers Bernard and Hylda Lee. According to Lee, although her childhood was happy, she was the “traditional kid that got bullied,” and had to move hoard of the dragon queen pdf full free frequently due to her parents’ work. Lee attended many different schools in childhood.

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She was at first incapable of reading due to a mild form of dyslexia, which was diagnosed later in life, but when she was aged 8, her father taught her to read in about a month, and she began to write at the age of 9. She worked as a library assistant and a waiter before she tried herself as a writer. Three subjects inspired Lee: English, history, and religion. Realizing that was not what she wanted to do, she dropped out of her course and held a number of occupations: she has been a file clerk, waitress, shop assistant, and assistant librarian. Her first professional sale came from “Eustace,” a ninety-word vignette at the age of 21 in 1968.

She continued to work in various jobs for almost another decade, due to rejection of her books. Lee subsequently maintained a prolific output in popular genre writing. Lee to be a full-time writer and stop doing “stupid and soul-killing jobs. During the 90’s her books were not published due to the changes in publishing. Her style that made her whole career met strictly objection from publishers at that time. Major publishing companies were less accepting of Lee’s later works. The companies which Lee worked with for numerous years even refused to look at her proposals.

Smaller companies were publishing just a few of Lee’s works. The refusals did not stop her from writing and she had numerous novels and short stories which were just sitting in her cupboard. Mail from fans even asked if she were dead because no new Lee works had been released. Lee even tried changing her genre, but to no success.

But due to the internet sales she succeeded to revive her writing. Lee had “quietly phenomenal sales” at certain periods throughout her career. When she tried changing her genre some of her works were liked by critics and published by small publishers, but it made no difference. The royalties were good before the publishers went bankrupt. In 1987, Lee met artist and writer John Kaiine.