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Opened in 2000, it is high school biology miller pdf head of the Westfield High School Pyramid in Cluster VIII. It also shares an...

Opened in 2000, it is high school biology miller pdf head of the Westfield High School Pyramid in Cluster VIII. It also shares an education partnership with Centreville Presbyterian Church to improve student achievement.

Plans for Westfield High school might have originated in 1997 when it was conceived as West County High School. Westfield’s colors and mascot were chosen by community members in the months before its grand opening in 2000. By 2005, Westfield had grown so large that it had become one of the largest four-year high schools in Virginia. Assembly topics should relate to the general goals of the instructional program and address areas of special significance. Assemblies that promote a particular enterprise or whose main purpose is entertainment should not be scheduled during the school day.

Time for assemblies should be made available through schedule modifications that cause the least disruption to the instructional program. Although pep rallies may contribute to school spirit, they should not be allowed to interfere with the instructional program. Pep rallies should be scheduled before or after school, with the period after school being the preferred time. Fairfax County Public Schools Regulation 1320. April 21, 2004, as an FCPS directive. It was adopted by the county school board to ensure that instructional time in middle and high schools meet limits set by the Virginia Department of Education.

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Westfield students won this contest, whose result was approved by former principal Mike Campbell with the concert date set for Tuesday, November 16. However, students soon learned that a clause in Regulation 1320. 1 prohibiting assemblies by business-sponsored groups prevented plans for the concert from being carried out. Campbell’s schoolwide address that afternoon. Following the incident, students and parents appealed to the school board to return pep rallies to the instructional period and to reconsider the regulation.

In a review by the Parent Teacher Student Association, it was found that the school was only allowed one pep rally during the year, adding to the confusion of the situation. In February 2005, FCPS clarified its policy stating that the regulation on pep rallies was not meant to limit school spirit, but the concert remained cancelled. Westfield received media attention in the mid-2000s because two unrelated murders perpetrated by alumni occurred within one year. May 8, 2006, in an attack on the Sully District Police Station, less than one-half mile from Westfield. Kennedy in the police station attack. The 2007 Virginia Tech massacre committed by gunman Seung-Hui Cho, an alumnus of Westfield High School, killed thirty-two people, including two Westfield alumnae, Erin Peterson and Reema Samaha.