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What’s exactly fpdf show pdf in browser license of FPDF? Are there any usage restrictions? I try to display the Euro symbol but it...

What’s exactly fpdf show pdf in browser license of FPDF? Are there any usage restrictions? I try to display the Euro symbol but it doesn’t work.

I try to display a variable in the Header method but nothing prints. I have defined the Header and Footer methods in my PDF class but nothing shows. I can’t make line breaks work. I draw a frame with very precise dimensions, but when printed I notice some differences. I’d like to use the whole surface of the page, but when printed I always have some margins. How can I get rid of them? How can I put a background in my PDF?

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How can I set a specific header or footer on the first page? I’d like to use extensions provided by different scripts. How can I combine them? How can I open the PDF in a new tab? How can I send the PDF by email? What’s the limit of the file sizes I can generate with FPDF? Can I modify a PDF with FPDF?

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