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We explored themes and challenges in developing environmentally sustainable logistical activities. We interviewed ten LSPs operating primarily in the Scandinavian countries. We concluded with...

We explored themes and challenges in developing environmentally sustainable logistical activities. We interviewed ten LSPs operating primarily in the Scandinavian countries. We concluded with suggestions for tackling the challenges and recommendations for the sustainable development of logistics. The purpose of this paper is to explore themes and developing a customer focused logistics strategy pdf in developing environmentally sustainable logistical activities.

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The findings illustrate the major themes by analyzing current and future activities in developing environmentally sustainable logistical activities. In addition, four categories of challenges are identified: customer priorities, managerial complexity, network imbalance, and technological and legislative uncertainties. It is concluded that there is a great need for a holistic perspective where LSPs and product owners together analyze and design future logistical setups. The suggested holistic and integrative model, building on a three-dimensional concurrent engineering framework, provides new opportunities for research.

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Further research is needed to improve the interrelationship between LSPs and their customers in the development of sustainable logistical solutions. This paper puts forward recommendations for the sustainable development of logistics by combining the results from the case studies with a review of related literature. This will be beneficial for managers and policy makers when they approach sustainable logistical challenges. The emergence and synthesis of themes and challenges are critical for a sustainable society. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution.