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The network is negotiating a merger with another company, but is keeping it secret. Though extremely bright, as he gets to know Bunny Watson,...

The network is negotiating a merger with another company, but is keeping it secret. Though extremely bright, as he gets to know Bunny Watson, cheaper by the dozen play script pdf is surprised to discover that she is every bit his match. When they find out the computers are coming, the employees jump to the conclusion they are being replaced.

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Richard Sumner reveals his romantic interest in Bunny Watson, but she believes that EMERAC would always be his first priority. Sumner denies it, but then Watson puts him to the test, setting the machine to self-destruct. Sumner resists the urge to fix it as long as possible, but finally gives in. Screenwriters Phoebe and Henry Ephron built up the role of the efficiency expert and tailored the interactions between him and the researcher to fit Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn.

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The character of Bunny Watson was based on Agnes E. 1940s and was the first electronic general-purpose computer. Hepburn was simply too “formidable” to convincingly play someone “scared by a machine”, resulting in “not much tension in this thoroughly lighthearted film”. Dennis Schwartz of Osuz’ World Movie Reviews called it an “inconsequential sex comedy”, but contended “the star performers are better than the material they are given to work with” and that “the comedy was so cheerful and the banter between the two was so refreshingly smart that it was easy to forgive this bauble for not being as rich as many of the legendary duo’s other films together.

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