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It premiered September 30, 2012. Enchanted Forest, Phillip, Aurora, and Mulan face a wraith. A wraith is shown hovering in the forest. Stuck to...

It premiered September 30, 2012. Enchanted Forest, Phillip, Aurora, and Mulan face a wraith. A wraith is shown hovering in the forest. Stuck to its foot is a postcard from Storybrooke, with broken to be made whole pdf word “Broken” written on it.

Storybrooke, and instead takes her to jail. He then uses the talisman and his dagger to summon the wraith. Regina, which technically he has not since a wraith consumes souls, and she walked out on him after learning what he had done. Regina and use Jefferson’s hat to banish the wraith to the fairytale world. Regina informs the others that the fairytale world was destroyed by the curse, so this will have the effect of banishing the wraith to “an oblivion.

They succeed, but the wraith pulls Emma into the portal as well and Mary Margaret follows, unwilling to abandon her child again. David takes charge of Henry, who tells Regina that he will never speak to her again if she does not bring Mary Margaret and Emma back to Storybrooke. Belle returns to Gold who tries to send her away and explains that he is still a monster, but she responds that she must stay with him for that very reason. Unbeknownst to the women, Phillip is “marked” by the wraith’s talisman as they drive it off, so the wraith will now follow him relentlessly. After they make camp, Phillip leaves the two women so they will not be harmed when he is attacked. When Aurora notices his absence, Mulan realizes what has happened and goes to pursue him while Aurora insists on following.

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Aurora then accuses Mulan of being in love with Phillip, but Mulan denies this. They find Phillip and Mulan offers to take on the mark so that Phillip and Aurora can be together, but Phillip refuses. I love you,” and it is left unclear to whom he was speaking. Aurora and Mulan lay Phillip in the palace where Aurora was sleeping.

The final scene of the episode reveals a twist: the storyline of Aurora, Phillip, and Mulan is not a flashback, but rather takes place in a part of the fairytale world whose inhabitants were—for an unknown reason—not removed by the Evil Queen’s curse, and is contemporaneous with the Storybrooke plotline. Mulan explains to Aurora that they were frozen in time for 28 years until time resumed, allowing Phillip and Mulan to complete their quest. But the land has been ravaged by the effects of the curse and the survivors had gathered in a safe haven. Before Mulan and Aurora can begin to travel there, they discover Mary Margaret and Emma, unconscious under some debris, and Mulan blames them for the wraith’s arrival. With the curse broken in the first season finale, the writers felt that they could now go farther with each of the characters.

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