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Bieren uit de streek rond brussel. Lambic is first mentioned in 1794 as ‘allambique’. The initial ‘a’ was dropped early on, so that in...

Bieren uit de streek rond brussel. Lambic is first mentioned in 1794 as ‘allambique’. The initial ‘a’ was dropped early on, so that in an 1811 advert it was called ‘brewing beers like those you buy pdf’, though it was sometimes referred to as ‘alambic’ as late as 1817 or even 1829.

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While this cooling method of open air exposure is a critical feature of the style, the key yeasts and bacteria that perform the fermentation reside within the breweries’ timber fermenting vessels. The process is generally only possible between October and May as in the summer months there are too many unfavourable organisms in the air that could spoil the beer. Modern lambic brewers, however, try to avoid making the beer extremely hop forward and utilise aged, dry hops which have lost much of their bitterness, aroma and flavour. Consequently, lambics often have a strong, cheese-like, “old hop” aroma, in contrast to the resiny, herbal, earthy hop bitterness found in other styles. The lambic is left to ferment and mature for one or several years. While those outside Belgium are likely to find bottled gueuze and fruited versions, a wider variety of styles is available to local drinkers. This status does not specify that a product has a link to specific geographical area.

Unblended lambic is a cloudy, uncarbonated, bracingly sour beverage that is rarely available on tap. De Cam can be found outside Belgium. Because the young lambics are not yet fully fermented, it undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle and produces carbon dioxide. Mars traditionally referred to a weaker beer made from the second runnings of a lambic brewing. It is no longer commercially produced. Sometimes herbs were added as well.

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The sugar was originally added shortly before serving, and therefore did not add carbonation or alcohol to the beverage, as the sugar did not have the time to ferment. Modern faro beer is still characterized by the use of brown sugar and lambic, but is not always a light beer. The use of meertsbier has disappeared, and modern faro is not viewed as cheap or light. Today, faro is bottled, sweetened, and pasteurized to prevent refermentation in the bottle.

Fruit lambics are usually bottled with secondary fermentation. Although fruit lambics are among the most famous Belgian fruit beers, the use of names such as kriek, framboise or frambozen, cassis, etc. Many of the non-traditional fruit beers derived from lambic that were commercialized in the last decades are considered to be low quality products by many beer enthusiasts. These products are typically artificially sweetened, artificially carbonated, sterilized, and based on syrups instead of whole fruit. Thierry Delplancq, ‘Les brasseurs de lambic. The Microbial Diversity of Traditional Spontaneously Fermented Lambic Beer. Traité de la Fabrication des Bières et de la Distillation des Grains, etc.