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Stan was Jewish and Jan was Episcopalian. During WWII, Stan served as a military medical illustrator while Jan was a draft artist for the...

Stan was Jewish and Jan was Episcopalian. During WWII, Stan served as a military medical illustrator while Jan was a draft artist for the Army Corps of Engineers in addition to working in an berenstain b book pdf free factory. Jan fashioned a pair of wedding rings from spare aluminum collected at the latter job, and the two married on April 17, 1946.

82 on November 26, 2005 after the couple were married for 59 years. In an interview about the books, the Berenstains said that a big reason behind their inspiration was some of the difficulties parents faced, as well as some childhood tribulations when they were kids themselves. The Berenstains also noted there were some issues which seemed to appear in every generation, such as kids throwing tantrums in public places, which made important subject matter for their stories. However, they deliberately wanted to steer clear of overly heavy issues, such as violence.

In their later years, critics sometimes dismissed the books for having social attitudes stuck in the 1950s along with the bears’ clothing styles and penchant for activities such as playing jacks and hopscotch, even though they did change with the times somewhat by introducing things like video games and cell phones. Although containing practical advice, the book used humor and reminded parents not to take every situation too seriously. Have a Baby, My Wife Just Had a Cigar! Berenstains decided to attempt a series with animal protagonists themselves, settling on bears not because of their surname as was commonly believed, but because they found them easy to draw. Random House Publishing and eagerly approved the concept. He edited several books in the Berenstain Bears series and created a lasting franchise including many more books, television series, toys, and stage productions.

Over 300 books were published in 23 languages. Each issue featured a single situation, often seasonally appropriate, such as the daughter preparing, cooking, and serving a family meal for the first time or the costume preparations, rehearsal, and performance of the youngest child’s Christmas pageant. He continued to work with his mother on new projects until her death in 2012, with a focus on promoting Christian religious practices. Be Good or I’ll Belt Ya! He’s often asked which is his favorite Berenstain Bear book.

This page was last edited on 26 January 2018, at 17:44. 2002, and full authorship in 2012 following Jan’s death. 300 titles, which have sold approximately 260 million copies in 23 languages. Have A Baby, My Wife Just Had A Cigar! In the early 1960s, the Berenstains sought to enter the field of writing for young children. For their first children’s book, they chose to cast bears as the main characters, primarily because the animal held wide appeal and could be drawn easily. Stan also observed that female bears are “terrifyingly good mothers” while the males are “lousy fathers.

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The Berenstains denied that their last name had anything to do with the decision. Berenstains to make improvements to the writing and structure and to connect with their characters on a deeper level. Geisel called and told them: “We’re selling the hell out of the bear book. Geisel had changed the credit without consulting them. Geisel was also responsible for adding the name “Berenstain Bears” to the covers of succeeding books. Over the next several decades, Stan and Jan collaborated on hundreds of books from their home studio outside Philadelphia. They also worked together on the illustrations.

Their sons Leo and Mike also entered the family business after making their own forays into children’s publishing as an author and illustrator, respectively. 2005, Mike collaborated with his mother on writing and illustrating Berenstain Bears installments, while Leo has been involved with the business side of the franchise. Mike Berenstain continues to write and illustrate new books in the series. Sister Bear and Honey Bear. Stories about the bears generally follow a basic formula, so described by the Berenstains: “Papa sets out to instruct Small Bear in some aspect of the art of living and ends up badly the worse for wear, with Small Bear expressing his appreciation for the fine lesson Papa has taught him.