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March 9, 1996 as the third US single and fourth overall. In other regions, the song performed well, peaking at number three in the United Kingdom, number five in New Zealand, number 17 in Australia and in the top 20 in most music markets where it charted. The song’s music video features scenes of Carey frolicking by a campsite in upstate New York, as well as swinging on a large swing over a lake. Additional inter-cuts include scenes of two children, one male and female, sneaking out at night and spending time together by a campfire similar to Carey’s location.

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Camp Mariah, named after Mariah Carey for her generous support and dedication to Fresh Air Fund children. 1995, she began searching for different producers, in order to give her work a new sound. Carey on material for her album. After recording the song in December 1994, Carey recalled that she chose to work with Dupri because he had a “very distinct vibe.