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This article is about the psychological experience. Dissociative disorders are sometimes triggered by trauma, but may be preceded only by stress, psychoactive substances, or...

This article is about the psychological experience. Dissociative disorders are sometimes triggered by trauma, but may be preceded only by stress, psychoactive substances, or no identifiable trigger abnormal psychology clinical perspectives on psychological disorders pdf all. Although some dissociative disruptions involve amnesia, other dissociative events do not. Dissociative disorders are typically experienced as startling, autonomous intrusions into the person’s usual ways of responding or functioning.

Due to their unexpected and largely inexplicable nature, they tend to be quite unsettling. Contrary to some conceptions of dissociation, Janet did not believe that dissociation was a psychological defense. Quite the opposite: Janet insisted that dissociation was a mental or cognitive deficit. Even Janet largely turned his attention to other matters. Nevertheless, even in America, interest in dissociation rapidly succumbed to the surging academic interest in psychoanalysis and behaviorism. For most of the twentieth century, there was little interest in dissociation. 1970s and when several authors wrote about multiple personality in the 1980s.

He theorized that dissociation is a natural necessity for consciousness to operate in one faculty unhampered by the demands of its opposite. This is supported by studies which suggest that dissociation is correlated with a history of trauma. Such behavior may contribute to cycles of familial violence and trauma. These symptoms may lead the victim to present the symptoms as the source of the problem. When sexual abuse is examined, the levels of dissociation were found to increase along with the severity of the abuse. A 2012 review article supports the hypothesis that current or recent trauma may affect an individual’s assessment of the more distant past, changing the experience of the past and resulting in dissociative states.

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